Brief aan de Israëlische ambassadeur

18-07-2017 10:27

Onderstaande brief heeft Een Ander Joods Geluid naar de Israëlische ambassadeur in Den Haag, Aviv Shir-On gestuurd.

De brief is onderdeel van een internationale online campagne van SISO - Save Israel Stop the Occupation, waar EAJG onderdeel van is. Delegaties uit joodse gemeenschappen in de wereld hebben de Israëlische ambassade bezocht of door middel van een brief benaderd. In de brief staat een oproep aan de staat Israël om op korte termijn een oplossing te vinden voor de voortdurende situatie in Israël en Palestina. 50 jaar bezetting is genoeg! De situatie is funest voor zowel Israëli's als Palestijnen.


De brief is hier te downloaden als PDF.


Dear Ambassador Shir-On,

This June the State of Israel marked the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War that ended in Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the subjugation of its Palestinian residents to Israeli military rule.

We are very concerned regarding the lasting occupation of 50 years that in our view is disastrous not only to the Palestinians but also to Israel. Israel’s immoral policies of denying basic human and civil rights, including the right of self-determination, to the Palestinian people and the aggressive and unlawful settlement activity that encroaches on Palestinian lands not only constitute an obstacle to peace but also endanger the very fabric of Israeli democracy. In executing these policies, the government is not only violating international law, but is also breaking Israeli law. Moreover, and of decisive importance, the continuing occupation only leads to more bloodshed and cycles of violence.

A lasting peace and increased stability in the region is in the interest of Palestinians, Israelis and Europeans alike. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle, we will not accept another 50 years of senseless suffering. We as Dutch Jews, citizens of the Netherlands, experience as well the poisonous effect of the occupation. We refuse to be held responsible for the actions of the Israeli government. Against our will, we are being identified with the illegal actions of Israeli settlers and Israeli officials. Maintaining military rule over a civilian population does not accord with our understanding of Jewish values, and the lessons learned from our own history of persecution. Hasbara campaigns cannot and will not justify the ongoing occupation. We, Dutch Jews who care about Israel’s future, urge the Israeli government to embark on the road of peace to end the occupation. After 50 years, it is time to act, Enough is Enough!

We are asking to deliver this letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and in response, we would like to hear what concrete steps the Israeli government will take to stop the expansion of the settlements and to make tangible progress toward a negotiated resolution that results in both Israelis and Palestinians living within their own sovereign states.

Best wishes,

A Different Jewish Voice
Amsterdam, July 2017