'Kolonisten zijn hier om te blijven'

26-07-2012 15:23

Nog maar net heeft de commissie Levy zijn rapport aangeboden aan de regering Netanyahu, waarin het betoogt dat ‘Judea en Samaria’ (de westelijke Jordaanoever) helemaal niet ‘bezet’ zijn, of de voorzitter van de kolonistenraad op de Westoever zet een stap verder op deze weg.

Vergeet de tweestatenoplossing, schrijft hij. ‘We are here to stay’.

Israel’s Settlers Are Here to Stay

By Dani Dayan, The New York Times

Whatever word you use to describe Israel’s 1967 acquisition of Judea and Samaria — commonly referred to as the West Bank in these pages — will not change the historical facts. Arabs called for Israel’s annihilation in 1967, and Israel legitimately seized the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria in self-defense. Israel’s moral claim to these territories, and the right of Israelis to call them home today, is therefore unassailable. Giving up this land in the name of a hallowed two-state solution would mean rewarding those who’ve historically sought to destroy Israel, a manifestly immoral outcome.

Of course, just because a policy is morally justified doesn’t mean it’s wise. However, our four-decade-long settlement endeavor is both. The insertion of an independent Palestinian state between Israel and Jordan would be a recipe for disaster.

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