Analyse door mensenrechtenactivist van de speech van Netanyahu bij VN

09-10-2012 21:18

Door Assaf Oron, een Israëlische mensenrechten en anti-bezetting activist

Netanyahu's UN Speech also had REALLY-NOT-FUNNY parts...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Three thousand years ago, King David reigned over the Jewish state in our eternal capital, Jerusalem.

Leave aside the universal consensus among archaeologists and historians (except far-right Zionist ones) that the David-Solomon kingdom's extent, and possibly even existence, was dramatically overblown by the Old Testament writers who lived several centuries later.

There is one fact that is beyond dispute. That kingdom, or city-state, or chieftainship or whatever David presided over (if he really existed), was Israelite. Not Jewish. As even the Biblical record grudgingly admits, the Israelites happily worshipped multiple gods, including regular human sacrifice right there in our eternal Jerusalem, in a ravine we call Gei Ben Hinom and the English transliterated as Gehenna. So much for "Jewish State".

The Jewish religion in any form recognizable to us today, was still about 500 years in the future, to be born upon the ashes of the Israelite period, and bearing a very distinctive Diasporic character. In fact, the only period of full Jewish sovereignty between the religion's true birth and modern times was the Hasmonean kingdom, a short-lived, corruption-ridden little operation that eventually succumbed to its incessant internal strife.

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